Why I Started The Climate Africa Newsletter.

Have you ever pondered why Africans suffer in silence? Why are we underrepresented and neglected? These questions plagued my mind one fateful day, compelling me to embark on a mission that would change the narrative forever.


It was a stark realization that struck me like a bolt of lightning – Climate Change remains an enigma to countless Africans. Tragically, our people bear the brunt of a problem they scarcely comprehend, despite contributing a mere 4% of global emissions. I dedicated myself to educating those around me about climate change, hoping to make a difference. However, the outcome was more startling than I could have imagined.


Imagine, for a moment, suffering from Cancer but unknowingly treating Malaria instead. At the Conference of Parties (COP), adaptation and mitigation strategies are debated as potential solutions. But how can we expect these measures to be effective when the very people they aim to help remain oblivious to the underlying problem?


African citizens, burdened disproportionately by the consequences of climate change, remain largely unaware of its causes and effects. Only those actively engaged in the field truly comprehend the gravity of the situation.


Last year, destiny granted me the opportunity to speak at the esteemed COP27 conference in Egypt all thanks to Technovation. As I shared my experiences and insights gained from the groundbreaking youth demand research conducted by UNESCO, a fire ignited within me. It became my solemn duty to address what others deemed irrelevant – climate education.

Determined, I embarked on an arduous journey of research, striving to develop a curriculum that aligns with the aspirations of the youth which I successfully accomplished with my organization ITIS and amazing team members @Mamman Jamil, @Maria Delgado @yusuf Bello. With fervent hope and unwavering faith, I aim to present this curriculum at COP28.


Creating the ClimateAfrica newsletter is my humble attempt to become the voice Africa desperately needs. I yearn for our stories to resonate across the globe, for our concerns and challenges to no longer be confined to high-level meetings like the COP and UN conferences. It is time for action to be taken, for our issues to be addressed without fail.


This odyssey has brought me this far, and I am grateful to have found like-minded climate advocates within my circle. Together, we aspire to collaborate with brilliant minds such as Olumide Idowu, Fatima Magaji, temilade salami, among many others, so that even the President of COP28, Sultan Al Jabbar, listens attentively to Africa’s plea.


As we bid farewell to the first ten editions of ClimateAfrica, rest assured that we shall return in a few months, with renewed vigor and fresh insights. Join us as we continue to amplify Africa’s voice in the fight against climate change. Together, we can carve a brighter future for our beloved continent.

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